Port Angeles Spa

Port Angeles Spa

Come melt away in our luxurious marble steam room. Since ancient times, steam rooms have been known to help improve circulation, reduce stress, relax muscles, soothe aches and pains, promote healthy skin plus many other benefits.

Steams can be booked privately or for groups of up to 6 people. (See rates below)

All steam includes water and towels.

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Spa Services-

30 min. steam     $22

60 min. steam/individual      $26

60 min. steam for 2             $40

Add an extra person for      $14



Package 1- 3 steams,30 mins $35

Package 2- 3 steams,45 min   $44

Package 3- 3 streams,60 min   $52

Package 4- 4 pedicures and 4-60 min steams $200

DoTerra Oil Drops                $10

Wellness Pedicure Detox       $30

Spa Manicure                       $35

Detox Foot Spa                     $37

Spa Pedicure                         $45


 Amazing Changes strives to provide amazing service, please send us your questions or comments, we love to hear from you. 


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